Wednesday, December 26, 2007

GUIT Signing - The Teganung Chapter

Its a real people's launch of GUIT, but not a monsoon cuppa, as the day was bright and shiny with no rain, not even a trickle. The sun was in full smile.... we did have our cup of tea still.

The excitements were everywhere as banners, posters are up in every nook and corner of the shop - Alam Akademik formerly known as Kedai Pok Loh Yunang They came in full force, ex teachers, housewives,schoolchildren, pensioners (like me) schoolmate and kampongmate of the author.My former classmate Mr Tan Lip Chuan, a successful local businessman came and bought 10 copies of GUIT to get it signed and pass it to friends and business associates as gifts.

The 'guests' line up for the registration and by 10.30am the mayhem begins the moment Awang Goneng entourage arrived. The event was schedule at 11.00am though.

Its supposed to be a ordinary peoples' affair, no grandeur of sorts. But I was suprised to notice that there 're a few familiar VIP in attendance. There's Dato Mohd Said, MP for Jasin, Dato Mohamed Aziz MP for Sri Gading and three local VIP Dato.Nasir Tan Sri Ibrahim Fikri,Dato Azmi MP for Kuala Nerus and K.Terengganu MP Dato Razali Ismail.

I was made to understand later that the famous duo were in town for other event but when they heard that GUIT was to be launched that day and the chances of having their books signed by the author himself, they make their way to the shop accompany by their counterparts. But its common with VIP they always find reasons to jump queue. I had mine signed earlier on. They came, shake or rather touch your hand, theirs eyes and minds are somewhere else they don't look at you in the face.No wonder they don't remember us the next encounter.They don't touch my heart as Awang Goneng did.

The Famous Duo, Dato Mat Said and Dato Mohamed Aziz having their book signed by the author.

Awang Goneng, Yours Truly and Mr Razali (our ex P.E teacher)

Mr Tan Lip Chuan kelek a pile of Guit while having a word with the author
Kelek in Terengganuspeak mans to hold it between your lower arm and the upper arm in abent format.

Awang Goneng signing my copy of GUIT

Awang Goneng rendering a few paragraphs from his book

The 'Fifth Generation of Pok Loh Yunang' singing a Nasyid.(in English)

Now I've seen the man himself, after having a word or two and listening to him reading a few paragraph of his book. Its wonderful everytime leafing through the pages of GUIT I can feel and sense as if he was there infront storytelling word by word.......''There is that certain special feeling, that now we are no longer mere virtual friends, when we visit each other’s blog we understand the person better. Ahh..nice!'' borrowing the wisdom of my favourite blogger