Tuesday, September 9, 2008

armand daniel firdaus......adf

Armand turns seven last May and growing and growing


Tokki and Opah loves you very much

Armand blowing the candles
'Long live ADF'

Mama slicing the pieces

Armand having his share. While OPah looks on.

Showing his skill on 'my' favourite bowling .... that's what he told everybody. Never strike though.

After which...'i'm thirsty i'm thirsty.water please tokki ' he never miss on his water

..........and popcorns too

Playing with daddy's toys....Tokki bought when daddy was about his age. It been well kept ever since.

Meddling dad's computer...his favourite games for sure

'Tokki, looks i'm having a nap in the water'

Doing the slide

A hug from Opah

Whatever ,still like to be under dad's ketiak.

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